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A group of diverse 学生 and 工作人员 stand smiling at Northwest Campus


PCC 多样性 and Justice Statement

皮马社区学院 welcomes, 庆祝, and fosters the diversity and contributions of 学生, 教师, 工作人员和行政人员,并努力成为通过社会正义的承诺和行动促进机会的领导者.

We cherish the diversity of our community and, in addition to equal opportunity and educational access for all, we 尊重 and are inclusive of all beliefs, 值, 能力, 人al experiences and preferences, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, 和世界观. We believe our differences are our strength and a source of innovation, 卓越, 和竞争力.

我们明白,21世纪社区学院的“社区”超越了地方政治界限, thus we aspire to build a community of responsible global citizens.
我们认为,多样性的最终目标是实现平等和社会正义. 此外,社会正义没有国界,是人类的一项基本权利.

因此我们表示, 招募, 保留, 开发, 支持来自美国历史上被边缘化群体的学生和员工的潜力,以及来自世界任何地方的学生和员工,无论他们是什么种族, 宗教, 残疾, 政治观点, 性别, 性别认同, 性取向, social status and other characteristics.

PCC Equity and 访问 Statement

皮马社区学院 strives to empower every learner, every day, for every goal. 这一使命宣言包含了对公平、公平实践和获取的承诺.

Equity is different from equality. Equality is understood as the proportional distribution or parity of desirable outcomes across groups; while, 股本 refers to fairness and justice in the outcomes and processes. Whereas equality means providing the same to all, 公平意味着认识到我们并非都是从同一个地方开始的,必须承认并调整不平衡. 这个过程正在进行中, 要求我们识别和克服由偏见或系统结构引起的有意和无意的障碍.

访问 to education is done by committing resources to services, 项目, and behaviors that support the opportunity for all 学生. 对群体的分配并不是剥夺或创造某些地区的特殊地位,而是由公平做法推动的,以确保实现消除准入障碍所需的一切. The College is committed to monitoring, 使用数据, 并确保调整资源分配,以满足社区使用公平原则的持续变化.

皮马社区学院致力于通过包容性转型,在与学生合作的各个方面强调公平, 员工, 和社区. 的AACU, American Association of Colleges and Universities, (2015)强调了为学生争取公平思想成果的具体行动.

看到的: http://www.aacu.org/sites/default/files/StepUpLeadEquity.pdf (25 - 26页). The College’s efforts are aligned with all 10 of these recommended AACU strategies.

PCC Inclusion and Belonging Statement

As it has throughout its history, 皮马社区学院致力于创造一种积极对待多样性的氛围和文化, 交点的, 相互联系的团体是规范的,在那里可以促进更多的参与和学术成长. PCC重视个人为学院带来的独特观点和经验的丰富,并寻求创造一个独特观点可以共存和繁荣的环境. 人与人之间的差异可以产生这些独特的观点,包括, 但不限于, 年龄, 残疾, 种族, 性别, 国籍, 比赛, color, indigeneity, 社会经济地位, 语言, 教育历史, 教育目标, 地理位置, 以及LGBTQ地位. 学院意识到,包容是一个过程,我们可能会遇到体制上的阻力 . 然而, 我们仍然决心实现我们的首要目标:确保个人的尊严和真实性, and harmony among individuals.

包容和归属感是将多样性、公平和质量联系起来的综合努力. They are about transitioning diversity, 股本, 从孤立的倡议到促进教育和社会卓越的包容. 皮马社区学院致力于为学院和更大社区的所有成员提供包容性体验,并通过以下方式创造归属感和联系感:

  • A focus on student intellectual and social 开发ment.
  • 有目的地开发和利用组织资源,以促进学生的学习.
  • 关注学习者为教育体验带来的文化差异,从而提升企业.
  • 一个热情的社区,致力于为学生和组织学习提供各种服务.
  • Modeling and expecting civility, 尊重, and professional behaviors from all 员工, 学生, and representatives of the College.

Hispanic and Minority Serving Institution

皮马社区学院 is proud to be designated as an Hispanic-Serving Institution.

We are an active member of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU)联系, 这是一个由400多所学院和大学组成的协会,致力于西班牙裔高等教育的成功.


代词很重要,因为它们让我们专业而准确地交流, they allow us to recognize cultural and individual identifiers, 是性别认同和我们如何尊重这些身份的重要组成部分. People may refer to traditional American English approaches to 代词, 但不是所有的学生, 工作人员, nor community members solely identify with that approach. In order to promote 尊重 for both individual and cultural identity, it is important for us to use an individual's correct corresponding 代词. 我们不能仅仅依赖于名字,我们如何看待他们的性别,或者其他人的假设. The only way to know is to ask others, and for us to inform others, of our 代词.

如前所述 代词.Org, traditionally American English male 代词 are he/him/his, traditionally American English female 代词 are she/her/hers. 但是当人们觉得传统代词不合适的时候,他们可能会选择其他的代词. These are known as 性别 neutral or 性别 inclusive 代词. 性别包容性代词可能看起来很尴尬或不熟悉,有时回忆起一个喜欢的代词可能是一项挑战. 这就是为什么在各种类型的通信中包含代词标识符很重要的原因. The more it is used, the more comfortable it becomes.

代词用法很重要, it confirms that you 尊重 the individual, 他们的文化, 以及他们的身份. 它促进包容, 支持归属感, and creates more equitable spaces for 学生 and 员工 to work and learn.

Tips for Employees and Students

  • 分享你的代词. It breaks down the barriers and acknowledges that you 尊重 the 代词 of others. Add your own 代词 to your email signature, 你的Zoom标签, 介绍, and include them in your syllabus/webp年龄s.
  • Ask others their 代词 or how they would like to be addressed. Some people even prefer things such as doctor, professor, or similar identifiers. Asking is the first key to opening the door to understanding.
  • Avoid using binary 性别 代词 in writing, try using non-binary terms. 例如, 使用“类”之类的术语, “学生”, or “everyone” will be more inclusive than “ladies and gentlemen”, “家伙”, 等.



















访问ibility and Neurodiversity Statement

皮马社区学院旨在提供一个包容的学习和工作环境,使我们社区的所有人受益. We celebrate neurodiversity among 员工 and 学生, recognizing the unique value each individual brings to our institution. 在个人生活经历之外,接触到不同的思维方式或处理世界的方式,有助于每个人以更真实、更有影响力的方式成长和理解我们的社区.

皮马社区学院 strives to intentionally create a welcoming, 可访问的, and inclusive learning space for 员工 and 学生 alike. 每个人都有权利感到舒适,并被鼓励做自己,而不用担心被评判,在那里他们可以通过感受和体验他们对我们社区的独特贡献的价值而蓬勃发展.

皮马社区学院 is an equal opportunity, 平权行动雇主和教育机构致力于通过多样性实现卓越. 根据要求,将为残疾人士提供合理的便利. Every effort will be made to provide reasonable accommodations in a timely manner. 社区 members and 员工, please call 520.206.4539或电邮 eeo-all@winebazar.net. PCC 学生 should contact ADR at 520.206.6688或电邮 ADRHelp@winebazar.net.

Additional Information and Resources

Calendar of Holidays and Religious Observances (可下载的PDF)
Office of 多样性, Equity, and Inclusion
多样性 and 包含奖s
多样性, Equity, and Inclusion Planning Redesign
PCC Campus Prayer and Meditation Space 位置 and Guidelines 
Religious Accommodations Requests

皮马社区学院 is an equal opportunity, 平权行动雇主和教育机构致力于通过多样性实现卓越. 根据要求,将为残疾人士提供合理的便利. Every effort will be made to provide reasonable accommodations in a timely manner. 社区 members and 员工, please call 520.206.4539或电邮至eeo-all@winebazar.net. PCC 学生 should contact ADR at 520.206.6688或电邮至ADRHelp@winebazar.net.

多样性 & 包含奖

The PCC 多样性 and 包含奖s honors individuals, 部门, 社区成员或组织为促进多元化和包容性所做的努力. 申请截止日期是 星期三,2024年4月24日.


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